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e-Speed Pro SW RP WCR 16 / 100904

e-Speed Pro SW RP WCR 16 / 100904


Advanced to expert skiers who want the performance of a Wordcup race ski with an all-mountain radius can charge hard on the Worldcup Rebels e-Speed Pro. A new design shortens the turn radius without sacrificing race performance, so skiers will feel less fatigued making long and short turns all day. The race construction includes a Fir/Beech wood core, Titanal, durable sidewalls and a Worldcup race plate, combining power and performance with maneuverability. 

Length: 170/175/180/185

Radius: 20,5 @ Length 180

Sidecut: 108/65/93 @ Length 180


Bindings: 100904 - FREEFLEX ST 16 BR.85 [A]M.BK/SP.BL

  • EMC
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction
  • RD Race Structured UHM C Base
  • Rebel Camber

The HEAD EMC (Energy Management Circuit) features ceramic piezo plates incorporated into the front and rear of the ski. Here, the kinetic energy is converted into electronic energy and in turn, the electronic energy is used to absorb negative vibrations. This means that the ski runs smoother and allows you to ski at a higher level all day long.

GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.

Bindings: 100904 - FREEFLEX ST 16 BR.85 [A]M.BK/SP.BL

The Freeflex ST 16 is equipped with the Stream toe and the RACE PRO heel. The large adjustment range and the aerodynamic design of the toe ensure optimum safety and even faster runs.

The Adaptive Suspension Technology with independent spring-loaded pincers and the additional metal insert between plate and binding guarantee maximum speed, direct power transmission and best control. The sliding plate offers two mounting positions for a changeable pressure point and adjustment of performance.

Stand height: 17 mm
DIN: 5 - 16
Weight: 1325


The Freeflex technology allows the heel of the binding to move back as the ski flexes, minimizing the influence of the binding on the natural ski flex. 

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